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Team Video Locker: Provides a team or club with a password protected video locker that can contain practice and match video.

PlayerSkill Analysis

“A picture is worth a thousand words”.

The process for improving skills certainly involves lots of hours in the gym. However, it is equally important that the athlete see themselves performing skills and along with watching advanced players perform skills.

How it works

In our analysis, we comment, make notations and offer suggestions for improvement. We will also place the player in a side by side synchronized video of model athletes to offer skill comparison.


The coaches which contribute to the VTS video library include some of the most successful collegiate, high school and club coaches in the country. These coaches donate their time and open their gymnasiums in the effort to raise the level of volleyball in our country.

Meet The Staff

“This site is a great tool to advance your coaching skills. Budgets are getting tighter and there is no better value for your money when it comes to coaching development than a membership in Jim Stone’s VTS.”

Russ Rose - Penn State University